Dedolight PanAura 5 Octodome

Dedolight DLH1000SPLUS 1Kw (1,000w) AC tungsten soft light head with large mount with the dedolight PanAura®/ Octodome. Our PanAura5 features a huge diffuser area producing a beautiful, wrap around, soft light.
The PanAura®/Octodomes are extremely flat, making them ideal for work in confined spaces.


Dedolight PanAura 5 Octodome

Dedolight PanAura 5 Octodome – Discounts available on longer term hires.

We supply our Octodome with both a Daylight and Tungsten head so you can get the right light for your shoot. Also supplied is the C-stand and power ballast.

Need a Sandbag? Just request one.  We’ll happily include one at no extra cost. But if you don’t want to be carrying it round with you, then that’s ok too.

This light is a great addition to your shoot whether studio or location based. It’s soft light is a beautiful addition for photographers or videographers alike.

Daylight Bulb – Sylvania BA 400SE HR

Tungsten Bulb – Showbiz 230-240V / 1KW  – CP77 FEP

Check out the below video to see how to set up the Dedolight PanAura 5 Octodome below.

We are based in East London but offer a delivery service within the London area.