Zacuto C300 Zgrip Relocator

Zacuto C300 Zgrip Relocator for Canon. It can also be used for other Canon models including the C100, C300mkii & C500 (Z-ZGR3)


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Zacuto C300 Zgrip Relocator

Available as the extender only if you have your own 15mm bar system, or you can hire one of our Zacuto Universal baseplates too. This extendable handgrip unit allows you to use your Canon C300 camera as a more effective shoulder mount system. Offsetting the Zacuto C300 Zgrip Relocator allows for a more comfortable use of the camera and allows the control of the camera unit to stay in your hand as opposed to using a standard moosebar kit.

The Zacuto C300 Zgrip Relocator has become a must have for many Canon C300mki and mkii users.

A Handy tip for you. If you notice your C300 handgrip isn’t working, just make sure the interior cable has been properly connected into the camera body. It’s caught a few people out before.

Zgrip C300 Relocator – £20 vat per day
Zacuto Universal Basepleate – £20 vat per day