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The Alias name has been around since 1999, originally starting off with post production VTR rental, we have now grown well beyond that and offer an extensive range of sound, lighting, monitoring and camera equipment as well as crew.

Under the Alias Academy banner, we offer production and post production training courses in both theory and practical modules so you can get hands on with the equipment. We are able to tailor courses to fit your needs using some of the best trainers in the business.

Work For Us:
If you are interested in joining our little team, email mark@aliashire.co.uk

Student Discount:
We are happy to announce that we offer a student discount of up to 50% off equipment rental.

Of course there are conditions, you know the boring stuff. The Discount is off rate card prices of equipment owned by Alias Hire only. Sorry, no subhires. The student discount can not be used in conjunction with any other offers. You have to be able to meet our account setup criteria which includes providing details and proof of address, Valid ID including Passport or full UK driving License. You must also have your own ‘hired in equipment’ insurance policy in place if your University or College are unable to extend their own policy to cover you. This offer is open to current students only and we have to verify you are a current student on a course by contacting your institution and speaking to your course leader. So we’ll need that info too. Better make sure your attendance at class has been good this term. The final thing is we would just need payment upfront for the hire. It’s a lot we know, but worth it if you are getting 50% off right?

*Available to UK based students only. Verification with University / College required.

Our Environmental Policies:
Firstly we would like to say that we are very honoured to be part of the Albert Certified Suppliers. We have had a focus over the last few years to improve our carbon footprint and the changes we have made have been impactful. We are a Climate Positive workforce having teamed up with Ecologi to offset our employees Carbon Emissions.

We use a certified waste disposal company to take care of all office wastage and we separate recyclables and non recyclables in house using our recyclable waste bins. We also entirely dispose all of our batteries, from AA types to V-Lock style, into a specific battery recycling program via a certified battery recycling partner.

Some of our kits use AA Batteries. We encourage our clients to use rechargeable AA Batteries but if that is not a possibility we ask that our clients return any unwanted batteries to us so we can dispose of them using our certified battery recycling partner.

Our energy supply is largely based on the building infrastructure so unfortunately it’s not possible for us to create renewable energy such as solar etc however but where possible we have LED lighting or energy saving light bulbs in place. Our current Electricity supplier is increasingly moving to renewable fuels. Between April 2019-March 2020, 76% of their fuel came from Renewable sources. We turn off all possible lights and PC’s when not in use to lower our Carbon Footprint.

We now use Zip Cars for our deliveries. We have chosen to move to this option because of the large number of Electric and Hybrid vehicles they have to offer. By removing the vehicle we owned previous, we have cut out journeys made by a Diesel running van from the London area,

We used to wrap in plastic the majority of our items before dispatch to prove equipment has been properly checked. In July 2021 we are happy to announce that we are no longer wrapping items in single use plastics.  We now only wrap items that have to be wrapped in reusable plastic bags or recyclable Glassine envelopes with the future goal to remove the reusable plastic bags from our stock too.

We have greatly increased the number of LED lighting kits, and decreased the number of standard bulb lighting kits in our equipment rental service.

Since 2018 we have cut our printing needs by 90%.

Delivery / Collection.

We are happy to offer our own delivery and collection service within the London area. We charge a fixed fee each way. Charges are based on office hours, Monday to Friday if booked in advance for a delivery before 6pm, and collections from 8.30am till 5.30pm onward based on our time frame. Any specific timed drop off or collection would incur an additional cost and this service is based on availability. Any deliveries or collections required out of office delivery hours would also incur a separate charge.

Our standard minimum hire charge is £35 + vat per hire. First time hires will have a minimum hire charge of £50 + vat as this will include admin set up costs.

Privacy Policy

Any personal data collected by Alias Hire (London) Ltd will be kept in the strictest confidence and only be used by Alias Hire (London) Ltd for the purpose of hires and updating clients on their account status and relationship with Alias. Personal data is gathered upon hire enquiries or account setups and will be stored securely and not shared with any third parties.

141 – 145 Well Street, Hackney, London E9 7LJ.